The Connection Between Wildlife Trafficking and Terrorism

It’s impossible for me to comprehend the reality of living in a region where terrorism, animal cruelty, and animal cruelty-funded terrorism, is a way of life on such a large scale, but clearly this is one of the-if not the worst- scenarios when it comes to issues surrounding animal protection and conservation efforts. I can’t claim to completely understand the political and historical context in which these events occur, but animal suffering is a terrible thing and when it’s perpetuated to maintain a system of terror and oppression it becomes something even more horrifying. I think this piece by Chris Tackett at TreeHugger does a great job of breaking down how this sort of thing happens and illustrates the need to remember that animal issues are not always “just” animal issues-they are often human issues as well.


Notes from NYU sustainability conference: Cafeteria Culture

As I mentioned in the “welcome back” post, there was so much awesome and inspiring stuff to take in at the the conference I attended over the weekend, I thought I ought get started on these posts! First up is an NYC public school cafeteria recycling program that engages and empowers the students to participate in reducing their school’s waste while imparting important lessons about mitigating environmental impact. This video is fun to watch and says it all:

Welcome back!

Late last week I started toying with the idea of returning to this blog, which had been started a few years ago and then abandoned when my co-blogger and I both got ultra busy, and starting to post again. Then I attended an awesome –awesome– humane education conference at NYU over the weekend. It was so inspiring and there was so many cool things and ideas presented, which I really wanted to share, I felt certain that it was time to bring it back. I hope you enjoy!