Fall Fashion Must Haves Compassion-ized for Your Shopping Convenience

I’m not a slave to fashion by any means, but I do like to leave the house (usually) feeling somewhat put together. And though I’d never advise doing one’s shopping based solely on the fashion forecasts, those lists can come in handy if you are looking for a few items to freshen things up. Macy’s recently sent out their list of trends for fall and I wondered how easy it would be to find these items in vegan, organic, recycled or generally more sustainable versions. I narrowed my list down to the 10 items that I really wanted to “shop” for, but you can view the entire list here. For those who like to spice up their closets each season, and want to do it cruelty-free, the following items are for you:

1.The Motorcycle Jacket– typically done in leather, but easy enough to find faux. Miss Sixty’s version at Overstock.com is $69.99.

Miss Sixty faux-leather at Ostock

2. The Convertible Bag– it’s a purse, it’s a backpack…you get the idea. I found these Melie Bianco bags at Amazon, for $86.95 and$98.00, but MelieBianco.com has a great selection of  very cool bags, several of which are convertible.

Melie Bianco Convertible Tote at Amazon-1

melie yellow

3. The Animal Print Pump-I was torn between a cute faux-leopard pump ($25.99 at overstock.com) and a simulated croc ($32.99 also at O-Stock) You decide.

Leopard print by Adi at Ostock

Croc Print pumps at Ostock

4. The Flat Slouch Boot– so many great non-leather boots out there, but these seem to meet the criteria quite nicely in faux suede. $16.99 at amiclubwear.com.

slouchy flat boot from amiclubwear

5. The Military Coat– I’ve always been a big Pea Coat fan- warm and practical but always in style…check out Vaute Couture’s awesome take on this classic. $371 or just $298 for the recycled version in black.

Pea Coat Vaute Couture

6. The Draped Jersey Dress– found a super cute organic cotton version for $87.65 at Equa Clothing-the Owlen dress by People Tree has the requisite draping and then some.

People Tree Owlen dress at Equa

7. The Trench– this organic cotton trench in sesame goes with everything or try a bright hue to keep the winter blues at bay. Patagonia’s Negril trench on sale for $70.00 at patagonia.com.

sesame trench

8. The Wild Berry Lip– my personal favorite so I’m totally behind this pick. Urban Decay does not test on animals and also has a line of vegan lip color. Try Voodoo, Wanted or Confession if you are feeling really daring.

Urban Decay Lipstick

9. The Statement Earring– I guess this depends entirely on what kind of statement you are trying to make and is therefore completely subjective-plenty of fun recycled jewelry online, however. Also, lots of unique pieces to be found at your local vintage and thrift shops. Recycled silver and hematite earrings by This Is It! Creations at sweetorganicsandnaturals.com. $22.00. (added bonus: This Is It! Creations uses biodegradable packaging and donates 5% of sales to animal charities!)

recycled silver

10. The Neck Wrap– always good to have a few of these for those days when the air starts to get chilly, although I’ve seen them worn year-round. (Oh and about that, what is with you DC gals who feel the need to scarf up in the summer? The stifling heat and humidity are not suffocating enough for you???) Anyway, another great thrift or vintage item, but found these lovely, handmade organic cotton scarves at Rubyzaar.com. $40.00

organic cotton scarf


Quick Note: DOL Releases List of Goods Produced with Child Labor

After years of keeping this info under wraps, the Department of Labor has yielded to public pressure and released a list of goods produced using child or forced labor.  From the End Human Trafficking blog:

“This list was mandated by anti-trafficking legislation back in 2005, but the Bush administration dragged their feet for years. Now, thanks to your voices and the hard work of NGOs like Polaris Project and the International Labor Rights Forum, it’s finally here. This list is a huge boon for consumers who want to choose slave-free products. With this list, we as consumers can finally hold companies and countries accountable for the slavery they use in making the goods we buy, and we can decisively take action to prevent slavery in the production of consumer goods.”

Recyclable Fashion: Sonic Fabric and Swimwear

Although I think a dress with a big red “O” on the bodice is a bit Hester Prynne-ish for me, the fabric it’s made of is pretty interesting. Sonic Fabric is made by recycling old cassette tapes and so far it has been utilized in umbrellas, dresses and ties (which you can find on sale here). The really crazy part is that you can run a tape head over the material and actually “hear” the fabric.


I also recently came across a swimwear company that uses recycled nylon (AKA regen) in their swimsuits.  The nylon recycling process eliminates some of the steps required to create virgin nylon, which in turn lowers the environmental impact.  Less waste in landfills, less greenhouse gas emissions, etc. From what I was able to find online, it sounds as though the only nylon being recycled currently is from used fishing nets, but it’s a start. And it got me thinking about what other sources of nylon might be recyclable. I did check the internet for any nylon tight recycling programs and did not find any such thing-perhaps because they are not completely made of nylon? Instead, I found mostly suggestions for using them in various craft projects, but there were a few clever ideas here.

I’d Rather Go Naked Until I Get Paid More to do Otherwise

No one is surprised because, well she’s not exactly known for her compassion, but it still kinda bites that Naomi Campbell is appearing in these new fur ads after doing the PETA “I’d Rather Go Naked” campaign many years ago. After all, it is possible to be a less than sweet individual and still find fault with fur (look at Martha Stewart for goodness sake! Didn’t she run over her gardener or something?)

The fur industry is really pretty nasty. Anal electrocution, live skinning, and other animals, such as family pets, being caught in traps…for a coat? Or some fluffy trim?

Boo! Hisssss…… nao