Just a quick note…Vegan Fashion in Sunday’s LA Times

Here’s the link to a decent article in the LA Times regarding vegan fashion. One shopper quoted in the article:

“Why wear something that comes from an animal when I can get something else?” said Miller, who was shopping for a belt. “People say, ‘Well, the animal’s already dead and you’re just wearing the leather, so what difference does it make?’ You vote with your dollars. When you buy something that comes from an animal — an animal that lived in captivity and probably suffered when it died — you’re implicitly saying that’s OK.”

And she’s right. There are so many alternatives to fur, leather, etc. and online shopping has made it so convenient that it is incredibly easy to “get something else”.

Also, I checked out the Vaute Couture  (mentioned in the LA Times piece) site last week and there is not a large inventory, but the coats look fabulous! I am currently drooling over the one pictured below.

El CoatAlas, it is not in my budget, but is a great example of beautiful, animal-friendly clothing. And since it is made in Chicago by people who live in Chicago, and therefore endure Chicago winters, I am betting that it is damn cozy.


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