I didn’t really want to blog about Michael Vick, but…

The neighbors who live behind me are selling pit-bull puppies. I spent most of Sunday explaining to my daughter that we can’t get another dog right now-trying to convince myself that it was a bad idea at the same time. I would love another dog but I’m limited by finances, by the fact that I rent my home, by our senior Akita who gets a little grumpier as time goes on and may not welcome a young dog onto her turf, etc. I also promised myself a while back that I would not “buy” another companion animal, but would visit a local shelter or rescue and adopt  if I ever was able to take another dog into our home.

But, I feel guilty…after all that discussion I’m left wondering about the fate of those puppies who were being sold at the low, low price of $200 each. I really hope that they will be given loving homes and will not be snatched up by dog fighting enthusiasts or individuals who are only interested in projecting a “tough” image. I’ve spoken briefly with the man who is selling the puppies. It was several months ago, but at the time I remember thinking he seemed a little sketchy-not the type of person who is going to care much about where these puppies end up. Sigh.

Michael Vick’s “60 Minutes” interview aired on Sunday as well. I didn’t watch it until the next day. I don’t know what I expected to hear from someone who drowned and electrocuted dogs, but he doesn’t seem truly sorry to me. I guess time will tell if he is effective at preventing others to go down that  same, horrible path. For now, I am just hoping that Vick’s ordeal has convinced any local would-be dog fighting ring operators to find another, more humane way to spend their $200.


2 thoughts on “I didn’t really want to blog about Michael Vick, but…

  1. this makes me sad every time i read it. which typically results in my being angry as well, since the zigmeister is usually curled up next to me whilst i navigate the interwebs, and i can’t really imagine anyone being so selfish that s/he would use a pup like him for personal gain.

    …i wonder if i might not be able to find out where michael vick lives?

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