Origins and Species

I really, really love Origins. Love their stuff and their environmentally friendly leanings and the fact that they do not test on animals: 

At Origins, our conscience has always been our guide. Since day one, our commitment has been: Preservation of earth, animal and environment. Origins was the first major cosmetic brand to choose not to do animal testing on our products and not to use animal ingredients (except cruelty-free honey and beeswax). In addition, we ask our suppliers not to test on animals on our behalf.

It’s a bit pricey, but I try to keep a supply of Ginger Body Scrub and Whipped Body Cream on hand because that stuff is awesome and will keep my skin soft for days. Sadly though, they are currently running a sweepstakes where the grand prize includes a “Swim with Dolphins” session-so not animal friendly!

Please contact them and let them know that this idea pretty much sucks and does not reflect well on them as an environmentally friendly company.


One thought on “Origins and Species

  1. so, here’s a question: while it’s certainly true that most cultures throughout history have practiced some sort of body modification or beauty enhancement, and, so, in no way are those of us who presently live in the united states, or in any ‘first world’ country, alone in our fascination with the way we look… but, to what extent is it sustainable to spend so much time and energy creating, marketing, and selling beauty products? would we truly be able to create a sustainable world for ourselves if we focus so much of our efforts on beauty and physical appearance in this way, or do we need to shift the way we think about physical attractiveness in order to do so? this isn’t to say that we shouldn’t focus any of our attention on our appearance. it would be impossible not to – it’s a part of who we are biologically and psychologically – and i think continuation of any species is based on whether or not it’s members feel that push to, you know, ‘get with’ one another… and, i’m just as ‘guilty’ as everyone else for buying skin products or cosmetics, etcetera, but… it seems to me that this is an important question, and is part of a bigger question – really, ‘the’ question – what exactly is it that we need to give up in order to live sustainably, and, more importantly, are we prepared to do it?

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