Origins Update

A happy ending to my post from August 15th:

Apparently feeling the pressure from customers and animal welfare organizations, Origins has removed the “swim with dolphins” session from the grand prize package of their “Leave it all Behind” sweepstakes. Please drop them a quick note to thank them for standing by their animal friendly philosophy. You can read the full press release here.

I am going to slather myself in my favorite Origins body cream to celebrate.


Just a quick note…Vegan Fashion in Sunday’s LA Times

Here’s the link to a decent article in the LA Times regarding vegan fashion. One shopper quoted in the article:

“Why wear something that comes from an animal when I can get something else?” said Miller, who was shopping for a belt. “People say, ‘Well, the animal’s already dead and you’re just wearing the leather, so what difference does it make?’ You vote with your dollars. When you buy something that comes from an animal — an animal that lived in captivity and probably suffered when it died — you’re implicitly saying that’s OK.”

And she’s right. There are so many alternatives to fur, leather, etc. and online shopping has made it so convenient that it is incredibly easy to “get something else”.

Also, I checked out the Vaute Couture  (mentioned in the LA Times piece) site last week and there is not a large inventory, but the coats look fabulous! I am currently drooling over the one pictured below.

El CoatAlas, it is not in my budget, but is a great example of beautiful, animal-friendly clothing. And since it is made in Chicago by people who live in Chicago, and therefore endure Chicago winters, I am betting that it is damn cozy.

I didn’t really want to blog about Michael Vick, but…

The neighbors who live behind me are selling pit-bull puppies. I spent most of Sunday explaining to my daughter that we can’t get another dog right now-trying to convince myself that it was a bad idea at the same time. I would love another dog but I’m limited by finances, by the fact that I rent my home, by our senior Akita who gets a little grumpier as time goes on and may not welcome a young dog onto her turf, etc. I also promised myself a while back that I would not “buy” another companion animal, but would visit a local shelter or rescue and adopt  if I ever was able to take another dog into our home.

But, I feel guilty…after all that discussion I’m left wondering about the fate of those puppies who were being sold at the low, low price of $200 each. I really hope that they will be given loving homes and will not be snatched up by dog fighting enthusiasts or individuals who are only interested in projecting a “tough” image. I’ve spoken briefly with the man who is selling the puppies. It was several months ago, but at the time I remember thinking he seemed a little sketchy-not the type of person who is going to care much about where these puppies end up. Sigh.

Michael Vick’s “60 Minutes” interview aired on Sunday as well. I didn’t watch it until the next day. I don’t know what I expected to hear from someone who drowned and electrocuted dogs, but he doesn’t seem truly sorry to me. I guess time will tell if he is effective at preventing others to go down that  same, horrible path. For now, I am just hoping that Vick’s ordeal has convinced any local would-be dog fighting ring operators to find another, more humane way to spend their $200.

Recyclable Fashion:Designer Jellies

I remember the first time the jelly shoe came around. I was in  6th or 7th grade (I think) and I must have been one of the only girls in the country who did not own a pair. At that time in my life I was usually happy to jump on whatever trend was deemed cool, so I’m not clear on how I managed to avoid them, but somehow I did.  I do remember thinking they were kinda ugly. Not to mention some styles of jelly would leave filthy dirt patterns on peoples’ feet after a day of wearing them at, say, the local amusement park or other not-so-clean places. Maybe it was the junior high snob in me-cheap, plastic shoes? Never!

Ironically, several years ago I was thinking one day about how to make affordable, sustainable footwear-sometimes I think about these things just because I’m just weird like that- and I came up with the brilliant (and admittedly somewhat socialist) idea of a sturdy plastic shoe, which could be made in sizes to fit everyone, and when they wore out or were outgrown they could be recycled to make more of the same. Shortly after this brainstorm the Croc craze hit and the reality of a world where everyone wears the same style of plastic shoe started to sink in. Yuck and boring.

Anyway, the New York Times ran this piece today in their Fashion and Style section and though some of the styles are a little out there, they are far from boring. And this is the best bit:

“Plastic shoes are also surprisingly eco-friendly. Their environmental impact is generally less than that of their leather and rubber counterparts because they are made of mostly recyclable materials, and can be recycled in turn to create new designs.”

 The downside being that the new designer jellies are not cheap-at least when it comes to price-so I doubt I’ll be buying a pair anytime soon, but maybe I am getting slightly closer to my dream of a recycled shoe utopia.Melissa by Vivienne Westwood




PS- I have done a little research online and there are conflicting reports on whether Crocs are recyclable. A visit to their website yielded nothing and I sat on hold forever when I called their customer service line to ask. Does anyone know the answer to this?

Origins and Species

I really, really love Origins. Love their stuff and their environmentally friendly leanings and the fact that they do not test on animals: 

At Origins, our conscience has always been our guide. Since day one, our commitment has been: Preservation of earth, animal and environment. Origins was the first major cosmetic brand to choose not to do animal testing on our products and not to use animal ingredients (except cruelty-free honey and beeswax). In addition, we ask our suppliers not to test on animals on our behalf.

It’s a bit pricey, but I try to keep a supply of Ginger Body Scrub and Whipped Body Cream on hand because that stuff is awesome and will keep my skin soft for days. Sadly though, they are currently running a sweepstakes where the grand prize includes a “Swim with Dolphins” session-so not animal friendly!

Please contact them and let them know that this idea pretty much sucks and does not reflect well on them as an environmentally friendly company.

I’m in love with Lauren Luke

I was just introduced to Lauren Luke via this piece at

“Inside all those “average-looking” girls isn’t merely a somewhat prettier version of herself. There’s a successful businesswoman, a bombshell, a queen and a sex symbol. And she’s as close as a tube of mascara.”

I love her accent, her make-up tips and the fact that you can sometimes hear her dogs messing about in the background.

Check out her Arabic inspired eye make-up tutorial…